T-Shirt Theology

You can tell a lot about a person by the kinds of T-shirts they wear. For example, one of my favorite T-shirts is the one that says,  “Jesus Was a Victim of the Death Penalty”.  Anyone that really knows me how I feel about capital punishment, and after hearing more than one former death row inmate give praise to God for the Innocence Project and its lifesaving work using DNA evidence, I am only more convinced about the moral failure of the death penalty today.  When I wear that T-shirt, people who don’t know me have a chance to see where I stand on this one particular issue (not always a good thing, but that’s another story).

T-shirts can be used to make a point or make us laugh.  I saw a great T-shirt at an American Cancer Society Relay For Life event that said in sparkly pink letters across the chest: “Yes They’re Fake – My Real Ones Tried to Kill Me!” A common theme for T-shirts everywhere is “On the 8th Day, God created chocolate, or wine, or Pittsburgh” you fill in the blank.

Another great T-shirt proclaims “Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet!”  How true that is for all of us.  We’re constantly a work in progress, learning from our mistakes, probably making the same mistakes over again, and ever in need of forgiveness and grace because we’re such a mess.  And if that is true for us, it’s also true for “them”.  By “them” I mean those that are different from us, those that are outside, even those that society has
written off.  And let’s face it, you have to look no farther than Casey Anthony to see someone that society has written off.   I believe it doesn’t matter if the person sees
that God is doing a work in them, either.  In other words, God is working on all of us, all the time, even when we don’t see it, or don’t believe it, or don’t even want Him to.  That is the beauty of God.

What does your favorite T-shirt say?

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