Phil Robertson Doesn’t Need My Support

camoflage picturePhil Robertson doesn’t need my support.  This is a man who knows who he is in this world, and the next.  He knows who he is in Christ Jesus, and he doesn’t need me or any one of the millions of “Stand With Phil” supporters that have shown up today on Facebook and other social media, demanding “justice” for Phil Robertson.  The man’s worth $80 million for crying out loud.  Do you think he gives a hee-haw about how many people stand up against the big, bad corporation that is A & E, who they claim is asking him to choose between his beliefs and his empire?

If all of these so called Friends of Phil are truly outraged against monster corporations oppressing the rights of the little guy, then I trust they are equally as outraged at corporations that force their employees to work for subsistence wages while shareholders pocket record profits. I trust they are equally as outraged as these mega corporations report record earnings while selling products manufactured by CHILDREN in third world sweatshops all across the globe.  I trust they are outraged when these corporations cut employees hours to avoid having to pay for basic healthcare.

I trust they are outraged at the number of children who go to bed hungry in this country EVERY NIGHT.  I trust they are outraged at the number of homeless, many of them veterans, who are cold and damp and without basic hygiene facilities EVERY NIGHT.   I trust they are outraged at the number of women who are marginalized, or raped, or sold into sexual slavery EVERY NIGHT.

If we’re going to be outraged about anything, shouldn’t we be outraged about things that matter?  Phil Robertson doesn’t need your support.  But there are lots of people in this world who do.  Ignoring them is the real sin here.



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