Giving in to Temptation

Two days into Lent and I’ve already given in to Temptation. I made two commitments this holy season – to post every weekday of Lent and to give up red meat. I chose these commitments because as much as I feel called to the ministry of the Daily Catechist, I struggle with finding the time to post, the time to connect with readers, and the time to spend with Christ in order to be inspired. By committing to it as a sacrificial offering in Lent, I knew I would do a much better job of sharing God’s word on this blog. The red meat? Like many of us I struggle with weight and in an attempt to detox my body a little bit I wanted to stick to a lean meat and fish diet throughout Lent.

But here it is, Day 3, and this is my first post of the season. To make matters worse, yesterday when I was out for lunch with some colleagues while attending a conference in Palm Springs, I completely forgot my commitment as I ordered a shredded beef tostado from Diego’s Restaurant. Now I could rationalize this and say “hey, I’m posting now, something I haven’t done in a while”. Or, “I wasn’t at home and had to eat what was available during the limited time we had for lunch”. But really, I think the answer isn’t justifying what I did, but asking myself why I was so quick to abandon my commitment.

Lent is about commitment

Christ spent 40 days in the desert committing himself to the Father. He was faced with temptations much greater than a tostado yet he didn’t falter. He took whatever the devil put before him and not only remained faithful, but came out of the desert more committed to the mission the Father had placed before him than ever.

Commitment takes focus. I don’t have the luxury of dropping out of life for 40 days to focus on my relationship with God. That means I have to use my time even more judiciously. I need to pray without ceasing. I need to make everything I do a commitment to living the life God has planned for me.

So here I am today, before you a sinner, admitting that I gave in to temptation. I ask for your prayers this Lenten season, as I commit to drawing nearer to God in thought, word and deed. I will be praying for you, and I look forward to sharing this journey.

Peace Out.




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  1. Daily Catechist says:

    Day four and doing better, but Temptation is definitely knocking on my door.