Does the Devil Know Your Name?

The Devil has been coming after me lately. It seems like everywhere I turn, there he is, waiting to strike and send me three steps backward for every one step I take forward. You Satan demonsprobably know what I mean. Have you ever made a promise to God to do things better, become more faithful, spend more time in prayer, etc., and then all of a sudden, WHAM! There are a million things that get in your way? You mean well, but no matter how hard you try, you just run in to obstacle after obstacle. If so, then the Devil knows your name.

Think about it. If you’re living a life of hedonistic pleasure, with no regard to ethics, morals, scruples or scripture, why would Satan stop you? After all, you’re doing exactly what he wants you to do – ignore God and follow the flesh. But as soon as you commit to living a faith filled life, spending more time in prayer, getting to a real relationship with Christ, you become a threat. Satan doesn’t want people getting close to Christ. Satan doesn’t want people to rely on God instead of living a life of fear and worry. Satan doesn’t want you to know the power that comes from being so close to God that you can feel HIS presence even in the darkest of moments.

Satan will come after you.

You commit to a healthier lifestyle and then suddenly you come down with a cold and can’t get to the gym. You enjoy an unexpected financial blessing from God and then almost immediately you have an unexpected emergency that eats away at that blessing. It is almost comical in its timing. Yes the Devil knows your name.

How do you combat this satanic warfare? Through faith and perseverance. When we’re knew to the faith, still needing reassurance at every turn that God is real and working in our lives, at what I like to call the “baby Christian” stage, the blessings seem to come out of nowhere and overtake us. Everywhere we turn God blesses us, and we praise Him (if we’re smart) from the rooftops. But this period of “proving” His love doesn’t last forever. After all, ultimately God has proven his love in the most dramatic way imaginable, on the cross, and we shouldn’t have to ask for any more assurance than that. But in the beginning, at the start of our Christian relationship, God understands that we need regular assurance that He is in fact at work in our lives and he blesses us accordingly. The Devil doesn’t stand a chance of getting in because God is there with His army of angels to defend us from any attack Satan has planned.

Eventually, however, we grow in our Christianity, and come to rely on faith, rather than the works of God. We don’t have to see Him at work in our lives every day to know that He is at work in our lives every day. Here is where Satan really gets nervous, and his attacks come fast and furious.

Dig in your heels and pray.

When the Devil comes after you, say “Get behind me Satan.” When the Devil tries to undermine your faith, say “My God is my protector.” When you hear that nagging small voice telling you God is a lie, say “God is good, all the time.” Say it loud, say it often, and don’t be shy about letting the Devil know you’re serious.

If the Devil is going to know your name, why not put a little fear in his eye. In the words of St. Paul to the Romans (8:31), “If God be for us, who can be against us?”


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